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Our team of passionate arborists specialise in modern arboriculture and are trained in planting, caring for, and maintaining individual trees. It is important that your trees are well maintained otherwise they can become safety hazards. Trees that are lopped or cut incorrectly without consideration for the Australian standards will deteriorate and decline as a result. 

We have the experience and equipment to safely handle any job, big or small. Our service includes the removal, clean-up and chipping of your trees.

We will find a solution to your tree problem.

View our full list of tree services below. 

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Tree pruning

Trimming and pruning are an essential part of the maintenance of trees. Proper pruning from an arborist assists with tree maintenance and reduces safety hazards, disease and pests.

Our tree pruning services include weight reduction, deadwood removal, canopy pruning, uplifting, hedge trimming, fruit tree pruning, aesthetic pruning.

Pruning or removing trees, especially large specimens, can be dangerous work and should only be done by trained arborists. In order to have a minimal impact on the tree you need to prune them correctly, you can’t simply cut anywhere on a tree and hope for the best. 

Tree removal

Make sure you receive tree removal advice from qualified and experienced arborists. Not doing it right can often lead to bigger problems. We can remove your dead, diseased or unwanted trees.

We are specialists in the safe removal of large, hazardous, sick and dead trees. It is something that we do most days. 

Our highly skilled arborists are trained in confided space tree removal techniques. We use industry specific equipment to carefully dismantle and remove your trees. We can also climb trees with a rope and harness to rig and bring down the limbs with ropes or even lift them out using a cane. 

We care for trees and our natural environment and where possible we will aim to keep the tree rather than remove it. However, we understand that some trees are past their useful life expectancy or structually unsound and need to be removed.

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Tree felling

Tree felling is the process of safely cutting down and removing a tree from your property. Some of the reasons that your tree may need to be removed include age, disease, damage and improper care.
We are trained in all four felling techniques and can help you fell your tree. Clean up can be left to you or we can provide that service too. We have large chainsaws up to five foot in bar length and a number of felling methods at our disposal.

We can fell your trees using mechanical advantages and have multiple winches, ropes and machines to assist with felling.

Contact us if your tree has begun to decline as soon as possible to remove the tree for your safety.

04 Modern Arboriculture .JPG

Our arborists specialise in trees and are trained in planting, caring for, and maintaining individual trees.


It is important that your trees are well maintained otherwise they can be a significant liability. Pruning or removing trees, especially large specimens, can be dangerous work.


Tree work should be done only by those trained and equipped to work safely in trees.

05 Wood chipping.PNG
Wood chipping

Your trees aren’t worthless once they have been pruned or removed. We recycle trees by mulching and chipping them onsite for you to use in your garden to help protect your soil and prevents moisture and weeds. Alternatively, if you do not require the mulch or logs we can remove it offsite.

We have a number of wood chippers, including two large ones that are able to mulch whole trees including the trunks up to 18 inches thick and can be feed by our rubber track skid steer loader or excavator. 

Mulching is the most time efficient and a cost-effective way of cleaning up the site after tree works. 

06 Stump Grinding_edited.jpg
Stump grinding

Tree stumps are ugly, attract pests and can even be a safety hazard. We can quickly and easily remove stumps with one of our three grinders.


Our experience and equipment provide the best outcomes for difficult access, extensive root systems, large stumps, sensitive environments and steep terrain. 

Our three stump grinders are efficient and make light work of stump removal, by grinding stumps and removing them with minimal impact to the landscape.

No stump is too big for us for our specialist team and equipment! 

Tree stump.png
Tree inspections

As qualified arborists we are trained in indentifying tree health and structural issues.


We can inspect and assess your trees for any potential problems that your trees may have. From the potential for full catastrophic tree failure to pests and diseases that can harm your trees. 


Learn from one of our qualified arborists about how to properly care for and maintain your trees.

08 Tree Reports.JPG
Tree reports

Our qualified arborists are experts when it comes to reviewing your requirements and providing arborist reports. We provide tree assessment and reports for business, schools, government and residential. We specialise in tree management plans for schools and caravan parks.

Our reports provide management advice and recommendations to maintain your tree and risk assessments. Pest and disease management and treatment options can also be included in an assessment.

Emergency works.jpg
Emergency works

Our team is available 24/7 to respond to emergency tree work. We can deal with storm damaged trees and any situation that needs an experienced arborist crew. We have our own traffic management plans and controlers. 

Our team is able to respond quickly to assess emergency storm damaged trees and assist with clean up. After a storm event with high winds trees can become damaged. It is important to understand that this can happen to even the best trees with no previously identifiable warning signs.

For minor tree incidents you can also call the Victorian State Emergency Service (SES). 


0417 540 103

13 Cable & rod tree bracing.JPG
Tree cable and bracing

We can help you to prevent tree failure and collapse by using modern cable bracing systems. This helps you retain trees that would otherwise need removal.

Cable and rod tree bracing is used to support structurally weak trees that are susceptible to damage due to structual defects. The installation of cables, rods and bracing, along with pruning to reduce branch weight, can reduce the likelihood of structural failure.


Properly installed cables help to redistribute the load of the canopy, allowing limbs to support each other and reduce structural stress on the tree.


We have a large range of tree industry specific equipment, machinery and tools from a range of high quality suppliers. This helps ensure that tree works we conduct are done efficiently, safely and to the highest standards.

Our rubber track skid steer loaders and excavator are the perfect all-rounders for making light work of lifting, moving, loading, mulching and stump grinding your trees.

Our available equipment:
Elevated work platform trucks , wood chippers, stump grinders, woodchip/log tipper trucks, rubber track loaders (Bobcat), excavator, dual cab utes for traffic control, mini log loader, Lucas portable saw mill, chemical spray unit, tag trailer with ramps, tandem trailers and 70ft rubber track tree trimmer.

12 Species Advice.JPG
Species advice

We can provide you with great species advice for your current trees as well as new and replacement trees.


For trees to thrive you it is very important that you ensure that the right species are planted to suit your landscape, space and climate. Not all 'native' Australian trees are suitable for all locations.

There are many traps to avoid when selecting trees for your site and we can guide you past them to get you a positive result. If you put the right tree in the right spot you, we shouldn’t have to come back and work on it.

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