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At Forest & Garden Tree Services we are tree industry professionals that have been servicing South West Victoria for over 28 years. As a local family owned and operated small business, we are passionate about providing high quality services to all of our customers. Our team of arborists lead by Warrick Petering have all of the required qualifications, experience and specialised equipment required to get your job done. We service a wide range of residential, rural, commercial and government projects. 

We have specific tree industry equipment, machinery and tools from a range of high quality Australian and international suppliers. This helps ensure that tree works we conduct are done efficiently, safely and to the highest standards.

As members of the Victorian Tree Industry Organisation (VTIO) we keep up to date with all relevant industry news and training.

Forest & Garden Tree Services has 20-Million-dollar Public Liability Insurance to cover you, others and general property. We also have 5-Million-dollar Professional Indemnity Insurance to cover against any advice we give and Workers Insurance for our employees. Unfortunately, not all tree service companies are owned by or employ arborists. Tree loppers and other tree removers have not undertaken arboriculture training and are not qualified to give advice on tree health and management. Therefor they are not eligible for Profession Indemnity Insurance due to the fact they do not have formal qualifications. This puts their customers at risk if anything were to go wrong on the day or even in the future based on their works or advice.



An important part of our business at Forest and Garden Tree Services is to recycle and reuse as much of the natural resources that we work with every day. Wherever possible we use sustainable techniques and practices when working with your trees. The trees that we remove or trim can be used for eco-friendly mulch, firewood, timber slabs, fence rails and other custom timber requests.

Logs or offcuts are mulched or used as firewood a sustainable heat source. Tree stumps are ground back into the soil as opposed to burning them or dumping them into landfill. We also use biodegradable chain and bar oil made from a vegetable base for all of our saws.

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