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An important part of our business at Forest and Garden Tree Services is to recycle and reuse as much of the natural resources that we work with every day. The trees that we remove or trim can be used for eco-friendly mulch, firewood, timber slabs, fence rails and other custom timber requests.

We offer mulch per cubic meter, plus delivery costs if required and depending on your location. 

If you would like to purchase mulch or timber, please contact us.


We recycle the trees that we remove or trim by turning them into mulch.


Our mulch can then be used in your garden to help protect your soil, improve soil structure and prevent moisture loss and weeds. It provides shade to the ground and gives microorganisms somewhere to live. Placing mulch around the base of a young tree assists growth.

If we find any noxious weeds, they are mulched separately and taken away to a green waste facility.


We have special timber sizes available to purchase for building, fencing, furniture making and landscaping.


Our milling service allows us to produce a variety of different shapes and sizes of timber to suit your needs. 

We love seeing our timber be used for statement pieces both inside and outside of our clients homes.

Custom order

Our team will work with you to design your custom timber requests.


We can mill timber for feature pieces for your build as well as custom furniture for both inside and outside of your home or business.  

We use our portable Lucas Mill to recycle the trees that we unfortunately have to cut down. You can then turn them into one off unique pieces to treasure for many years to come.

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